Help Decentralize the Sentinel Network — Run a Full RPC Node

A main crux of the Sentinel network is that it is reliant on only a few RPC full nodes. RPC is a protocol that is effective at serving requests like API calls. Unfortunately, there are only a couple RPC full nodes running on the Sentinel Network — MathNodes included.

We have written a detailed guide as to how to set-up and operate a Sentinel RPC Full node to better secure the network. Because RPC nodesInclude serve all the data that the Sentinel apps rely on, a county or company can restrict access to the IP address of those RPC servers, making it impossible for users to use Sentinel products.

In our guide we also explore options for users to set up a relay node as to “hide” the true location of the RPC node. This will effectively allow the node to exist in one place, but be relayed from various points of access as to keep the Sentinel network dynamic.

Minimum Requirements:

4x Core Intel Xeon Processor (E5–2697 v3 @ 2.60 GHz)



Our guide can be found here:



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