We are MathNodes. A network of VPS and dedicated servers around the globe to ensure individuals can remain private when using the internet. Our speciality is Sentinel dVPN nodes, strategically positioned, for users to conceal their identity from big corporations and the ever growing surveillance states that permeate our society at large.

Why does someone need to hide their identity when using the internet? There are various answers to this questions, but the immediate ones people think of is what the media has indoctrinated them with, namely to commit acts of a malicious nature. This is a major fallacy that needs to be rectified with the common individual.

Large scale companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft, use an individual's IP address to build a digital and psychological profile of that individual. These profiles are then sold to advertising companies which target individuals with products, news, and information to continue to manipulate the individual into, buying products they otherwise would not have, and to, as the Chinese have written it, "re-educate" the population into believing what it is that is on their agenda.

Governments use these profiles to constantly surveil individuals and limit the resources and services that the individual could use to educate the public on various topics that may impact a domestic or global power shift. Journalists, even in the United States, are under constant surveillance and are often misdirected by state actors to further the state's agenda. Free rights groups, such as the ACLU, Amnesty International and even BLM are targeted by governments at large to quiet their voices and continue the oppression the government seeks to control individuals with.

A new voice needs to be heard. The voice of the individual. Speak up. Act now. Never let people make decisions for you. Be yourself. Be loud. But, most of all, be educated.



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